Flexagon Puzzles

One of the many entertaining things you can do with a flexagon is build and solve mazes. Here's a Pyramid Flexagon Maze.

pyramid flexagon maze

Another kind of puzzle is the "path puzzle" where you keep flexing until you see an entire looped path. On a 3-sided dodecaflexagon, this can be suprisingly difficult.

tridodecaflexagon path puzzle

Here's a path puzzle on a 4-sided decaflexagon.

4-sided decaflexagon path puzzle

Picture puzzles can also work well. Here you can try an Egyptian picture puzzle on a bronze hexaflexagon.

4-sided hexaflexagon picture puzzle

A path puzzle on the silver octaflexagon allows you to explore this interesting flexagon.

4-sided octaflexagon path puzzle

The enneaflexagon is an intriguing flexagon, with 9 triangles per face. Here's a hexagonal enneaflexagon with several mazes on it.

4-sided enneaflexagon maze

At first glance, the pentaflexagon, with only 5-fold symmetry would seem to be pretty limited. But both the slot flex and pyramid shuffle can sometimes be used. It turns out to be an interesting challenge to completely swap out all the sides on the 8-sided pentaflexagon.

8-sided pentaflexagon puzzle

Something else interesting you can do with flexagons is try to figure out how to put a magic square on one such that it retains its "magicness" even after flexing. Here's a magic octaflexagon.

magic octaflexagon

The following is an interesting illusion where flexing swaps the king in and out of prison.

silver tetraflexagon illusion

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