The Bronze Hexaflexagon Puzzle

various arrangements of the hexaflexagon

This picture puzzle is built on a 4-sided bronze hexaflexagon, with six 30-60-90 triangles per face. There are four pictures to put together: the Rosetta stone, one of the pyramids at Giza, the Nile River delta, and the Sphinx. After assembling the flexagon, the puzzle is figuring out how to flex it to see each of the four pictures in its entirety.

all 4 sides solved

Click on following image to get the full sized version. Print it out then cut out the star.

side 1

Start by folding it in half along the line between “hexaflexagon puzzle” and “”, shown as the dotted line in the picture below. Unfold and cut along the two solid lines shown the following picture.

edges to fold and cut

Fold it in half again - except the four triangles at either end - and paste the halves together. It should look like the following picture, with the blank backsides of the two triangles on the right showing.

folded strip

Once it’s dry, cut along the two solid lines shown below.

edges to cut

Pre-crease along the following dotted lines.

edges to fold

You should find two pairs of adjacent triangles with green edges. Fold these together. Now fold the two pairs of adjacent orange-edged triangles together. Tuck the flaps in so the third pair of orange triangles are face to face. Then fold the two remaining green triangles face to face.

Folding over one of the triangles should give you an entire side with a maroon border. Paste the backs of those triangles together. Fold the final blue triangle over and paste the blank sides together to complete the flexagon. Each side should have a solid border around it with portions of all four pictures appearing.

flexagon all ready to solve

Here's the Rosetta Stone solution. Once you can perform the Rosetta flex forwards and backwards, you should also be able to solve the Riddle of the Sphinx. However, you need to combine it with one more flex to be able to solve the Pyramid and Nile River delta.

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