Rosetta Stone solution

To solve the Rosetta Stone puzzle, start from the position where all the borders are maroon (red). Fold the triangle in half through the middle of the Rosetta Stone and the pyramid. Next push the long point with the pyramid on it toward the opposite corner.

first step

Once you've pushed the point all the way to the opposite corner, the right side should open up. Fold the flexagon flat.

second step

Grab the bottom two triangles from their tips on the left and fold them over to the right. You should now see the entire Rosetta Stone broken into two pieces.

third step

Fold the bottom two triangles backwards, then open it up from the lower left corner to see the entire Rosetta Stone.

fourth step

This flex, the "right silver flex" is the main flex for the silver tetraflexagon and is also used for solving the decaflexagon puzzle. Being able to do this flex backwards should allow you to figure out how to solve the Sphinx.

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