Triangle Flexagon Bestiary


Here are some interesting varieties of flexagons made from triangles. They’re organized primarily by the number of triangles that meet in the center and secondarily by the type of triangle used. Additionally, a given type of flexagon can have any number of sides from three on up. Note that most of these are designed to lie flat, though this isn't a requirement.

tetra4: silver tetraflexagon, equilateral triangle tetraflexagon, star tetraflexagon
penta5: isosceles pentaflexagon
hexa6: equilateral triangle hexaflexagon, bronze hexaflexagon, star hexaflexagon
hepta7: isosceles heptaflexagon
octa8: isosceles octaflexagon, silver octaflexagon, star octaflexagon
ennea9: isosceles enneaflexagon and hexagonal enneaflexagon
deca10: isosceles decaflexagon, right triangle decaflexagon, star decaflexagon
dodeca12: isosceles dodecaflexagon, right triangle dodecaflexagon, star dodecaflexagon

tetraflexagon pictures

pentaflexagon pictures

hexaflexagon pictures

heptaflexagon pictures

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dodecaflexagon pictures

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