Pacific Crest Trail 2004

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map of our route

Cloe Bracis decided to hike the entire Washington section of the Pacific Crest Trail, from the Bridge of the Gods by the Columbia River, to Manning Park, BC - a distance of over 500 miles - from August 1 to to September 9, 2004. For each segment of the trail, one or two people joined her. I accompanied her and Josh on the section from Snoqualmie Pass to Stevens Pass, August 20 - 25, a 75 mile section (theoretically it's 75 miles anyway).

The map to the left (courtesy of Josh) shows the route we took, with the days alternating between blue and red. We started in the lower left corner, at Snoqualmie Pass, and ended in the upper right corner.

By the time Josh and I joined her, Chloe had already hiked over 250 miles. She had watched Mount Rainier go from a small bump on the horizon, to a towering volcanic mass, to a shrinking mountain she left behind.

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