PCT Day 6

Slop to the end

map of day 6 The final day didn't even try to pretend the weather was ever going to improve. It rained steadily all day. We stayed in our tents for breakfast and for as much of packing up as we could. We threw our wet gear in our wet backpacks, put on our wet boots over our dirty wet socks and splashed through the puddles down the trail.
All food was eaten standing up along the trail today. It was just unceremoniously shoved in so we could move on before we got cold.
Is that civilization I see over there? Nah.
The final hill we climbed went up one ski run and down the other side, under Tye Mill and Big Chief. It was odd to spend so much time hiking a stretch that usually went past quickly, either skiing or on the chair lift.

Well, even though we had 5 straight days of rain, it was still a fun trip. Lots of gorgeous scenery (when we could see it) and good company. And notice how I had more to say when the rain set in? A little adversity just makes for better stories anyway.

note: all pictures on this page courtesy of Josh
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