PCT Day 5

The longest day

map of day 5 During the night it poured. I felt drips on my face and kept feeling the tent for leaks, perhaps some place the rain fly was touching the tent. I felt the ground to see if any streams had decided to use our campsite as its new route. But somehow I managed to make it till morning in a fairly dry state. That wasn't going to last however.
Remember how I pointed out how dry the ground was around our tents the previous night? In the morning we felt fortunate there was just enough "high ground" to put our tents on that we didn't wake up in a lake.
Remember how I pointed out how peaceful the stream was that we camped by? I bet you thought I was just doing that to make you jealous of the peaceful scenery we saw. Remember how I pointed out that the rocks would be easy to hop across? We ended up wading knee deep through this stream, with a very strong current and lots of silt coloring the water. I learned that waterproof boots are very good at keeping the water in.
Remember that "treacherous crossing" I mentioned yesterday? That crossing that other people had no problems with? Well, we decided to chance it because we wanted to avoid the 5 mile detour (not including the backtracking). Here's the crossing. Though you can't really tell from this picture, there was no way we were going to be able to cross it. Now look at the map above. See how close we were to the next section of trail? See the backtracking, the drop down to that lake we didn't want to visit and the ascent back up? That wouldn't have been so bad in nice weather.
A lot of the trail looked like this today. We were planning on going about 15 miles, but we ended up going 22. We made pretty good time though, almost making it to where we were originally planning on camping. But when we found a site, we just quickly threw up our tents and climbed in, cooking from our feeble little shelters.
note: all pictures on this page courtesy of Josh - I didn't have a waterproof enough system to keep taking out my camera, especially when our main focus was to cover lots of ground quickly
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