PCT Day 4

Is that blue sky I see?

map of day 4 Day 4 started out wet but occasionally looked promising. We hiked along Waptus Lake, then headed up a narrow valley. Our lunch spot was gorgeous, sitting on the shores of Deep Lake surrounded by peaks and glaciers. Then up to a pass where we had a decision to make. To the left, a shorter route, where the map listed a seasonally "treacherous crossing". To the right, a long detour which wound down to a lake. But people we saw on the trail said it was no problem. And it's August, the "dry" month. So left we went.
Fearing there might be a shortage of water, we filled our water bottles first thing in the morning.
We ate lunch on the shores of Deep Lake, surrounded by peaks and glaciers. This is why people go backpacking.
Josh is pointing at a little clearing of blue sky, hopeful that it might be contagious. Unfortunately, it was too small and quick for my camera to record.
We were wondering if Josh was going to take a spill into the creek.
A preview of where we were headed the next day. The lake is a place we were hoping to only see from a distance.
Chloe looks up at the sky hopefully. We saw lots of blue patches pass over us. Note how dry our campsite is - no standing water, no puddles.
Here's the stream we camped by. Note how low the water is, how clear and calm it looks. Those rocks look like they'd be really easy to use to hop across the stream without getting wet, don't they?
note: some pictures courtesy of Josh
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