PCT Day 3

Damp but cheerful

map of day 3 Day 3 started wet and continued being wet, but showed a little promise at the end of the day. We went back through the wet brush we had passed through twice the night before, up a hill and past a series of tarns. Then back down close to Waptus Lake.
As we started our ascent in the morning, we could sense there was an impressive view right across the valley from us. Or maybe it was just because the map said there were peaks and glaciers over there. Most of the time the mountains were completely hidden by fog, so these pictures give you a false idea of just how clear it was.
A damp snack on the way up.
We took a quick detour to a little lake when we got to the top. There had been a forest fire here recently.
Lunch was cold and wet, though it was in a cool little alpine valley.
The trail down to Waptus Lake was at about a 1 degree incline, like it was designed for wheelchair access. Which would've been great if there was any way anybody in a wheelchair could've gotten here. As it was, it made for a really long descent.
Our campsite for the night.

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