To Milford Sound

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I took a day trip from Queenstown to Milford Sound. We started in dry brown country, traveled through beech forests, then came out in the rain forest on the west coast.

There was a beautiful sunrise along the way. The pictures didn't turn out that great, but at least they show some of the colors.
Before we reached the pass, things were already getting greener.
The beech forests don't like the flood plains, so the valleys are covered in grass.
Some of the mountain views we got as we approached the pass.
The Kea is the only parrot to live in a temperate zone. We saw these as we stopped at the pass.
The Keas are notorious for liking to bite at rubber seals. If you leave your car at a trailhead, you may come back to find that your windows and headlights fall out. Here they are chewing on a rubber seal on top of the bus.
Views of the hills on the west side of the pass.
We stopped to take a trail through the forest