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Downtown Queenstown is filled with lots of shops and restaurants.
It's is on Lake Wakatipu, which is a very long lake (the third largest in New Zealand I was told).
Here you can see the gondola that rises right behind the town. You can also see the bungy jumping platform that sticks out over the trees.
If I had made it there a little earlier, I just might have tried it. You'd certainly have a gorgeous view while you were scared spitless.
The top of the gondola gave beautiful views of the town...
...and the lake.
While in Queenstown, I visited a nature reserve which houses lots of endangered bird species and several tuatara species. The tuatara are the only living remnants of a line that traces back over 200 million years. Rats have succeeded in almost driving them all to extinction by eating their eggs. Many now only survive on a few remote islands.