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Here are a couple views of the house we stayed in. It was up on Kaikoura pennisula with a beautiful view of the bay to the north and the mountains to the west.

Some views from the house.
The town of Kaikoura as seen from the cliff near the house.
Views looking at the bay to the south of the pennisula. This is where the dusky dolphins like to hang out and thus where we spent a lot of our time, either on the water or staring at the water.
View looking to the west.
There are a few houses on the south side of the pennisula also, near the boat launch.
Various views of the east end of the pennisula, which mostly consisted of sheep. There's a path around the edge of it, with some spectacular views.
Pictures of the shore.
The birds in this picture are oyster catchers. They've got long legs and long red beaks. They poke around in the sand looking for a meal
This is a picture of the fur seal colony on the northeast end of the pennisula. You can see a car parked a few feet from them and someone walking through the middle of them.