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These pictures are from a couple walks we did close to Kaikoura. One was the Fyffe Palmer forest walk, on one of the hills overlooking Kaikoura. The other was the Ohau Stream walk near the fur seal colony a bit to the north.

Various looks at some of the tree ferns. The trunks are made up of stubs from branches that broke off. They seem similar to palm trees in that way.
Views of other ferns.
A look at some of the forest on the Fyffe Palmer forest walk.
A couple views from the hillside looking back toward the Kaikoura pennisula and some of the surrounding pasture.
This is the waterfall you get to from the Ohau Stream walk. This was taken to prove that I was actually there. I didn't just mail my camera to someone in New Zealand who took pictures for me. Of course, it also proves that my cat Loki was there, too.
Some of the beautiful views along the way.
Some more of the unique ferns.