Hawaii 2005

We stayed in a condo at Poipu, Kauai for 4 days with Ian and Allison.
Helicopter tour
For Susie's birthday, we spent an hour flying around Kauai in a helicopter. Waimea Canyon and the Na Pali Coast were absolutely spectacular. We all spent the entire time taking pictures as quickly as we could.
Waimea Canyon
We drove up Waimea Canyon one day and hiked around. Amazing views.
Diving and snorkling
Ian and I went scuba diving and saw a white tipped reef shark among other things.

While in Captain Cook, Susie and I went snorkling several times because the fish were so colorful and the water so clear.

After Kauai, Susie and I headed for Hilo, on the Big Island. Even though it's on the "rainy side" of the island, we had perfect weather.
Volcanoes National Park
We spent a day hiking around Volcanoes National Park.
From Hilo to Kona
From Hilo, we traveled around the north side of the island and eventually made our way to Captain Cook, just south of Kona.
Captain Cook
We stayed on a coffee farm in Captain Cook and spent lots of time snorkling. Susie practiced being a Tiki god.

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