There are an amazing number of different shapes that make fair dice beyond cubes and boring old D&D dice. I describe the different kinds of fair dice and even have some for sale on Shapeways.
After my trip to New Zealand to study dolphins with Earthwatch, I wrote a program called Phineus to help match pictures of dolphins for tracking purposes.
Flexagons are an interesting form of paper folding. Starting from a string of connected triangles, squares or other polygons, you fold it into a hexagon, a square or one of many other possible shapes. From here there are various ways you can fold, or flex, it to uncover previously hidden faces. It can make for an interesting puzzle to figure out how to reach all the faces.
Stereograms are images you can see in 3D if you focus just right. Here are some I generated a few years ago, including a tutorial to help you see them. I also added a stereogram generator to Vdraft. You can even get instructions for how you can make your own stereograms using our tools.
A particle automata is similar to a cellular automata, but the rules address moving particles rather than fixed cells.
A counter example to Fermat's Last Theorem? Sure you have to break a rule or two, but it's still surprising. Leftins, or "left infinite" numbers are an interesting generalization of our numbering system.
Cyberpawn is a programming game where you program your pawn to sense, defend and attack. You then throw it in the arena to see how it fares against other pawns.
My name roughly translitered into several languages.

Interesting Jobs

For Microsoft Office I designed the layout engine for the project code named IGX, now called SmartArt™. It runs inside Word, Excel and Powerpoint and will ship in Office 2007. You can find early reviews here and here. I've designed some new diagram types you can download for it.
At Catarra, we built a web browser for hand held computers. That company is no longer around, but there's still some information available on it. We built it on SVF, a format which I lead the design for. SVF was the first vector graphics format designed specifically for the Web.
Virtual Drafter
I was the chief architect on a CAD system called Vdraft which got some nice reviews. Here are some quotes.
While working at SoftSource, we had fun generating fractals and stereograms. I even added a stereogram generator to Vdraft. And apparently the pictures are still available. You can even get instructions for how you can make your own stereograms using our tools.
Trimet Trip Planner
I wrote the trip planning logic for the Portland transit system, Trimet, years ago. I don't know if they're still using my code, but they now have an online trip planner.

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