Braided Flexagons

The following picture shows what the strips look like for hexaflexagons with different numbers of sides. You can start to see how the pattern repeats with every four additional faces.

hexaflexagon strips

I've included strips for both the equilateral triangle tetraflexagon (in the left column) and equilateral triangle hexaflexagon (in the right column) with 4-9 sides. First, click on the thumbnail to get a larger version to print out. Cut out the strip and precrease all the edges. Copy the small numbers onto the back. Then fold 1 on 1, 2 on 2, etc. until you're left with 0's and the highest number. As you fold it, you should see why these are called braids. Connect the edges with the tabs.

4 sided braided tetraflexagon 4 sided braided hexaflexagon
5 sided braided tetraflexagon 5 sided braided hexaflexagon
6 sided braided tetraflexagon 6 sided braided hexaflexagon
7 sided braided tetraflexagon 7 sided braided hexaflexagon
8 sided braided tetraflexagon 8 sided braided hexaflexagon
9 sided braided tetraflexagon 9 sided braided hexaflexagon

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