Tracy and Erik's Wedding
August 4, 2000
Hollywood School House
Woodinville, WA

(click on a picture to get the large version - higher resolution available on request)

Before After The bride and her bridesmaids (and, I suppose, "bridematrons") cleaned up awfully nice. In the picture on the right, there's Nicole, Val, Tracy (the bride), Karla (the freshly married matron-of-honor), and Heidi (the groom's sister).
Here comes the bride! The beautiful bride.
GQ here we come It looks like everyone finally figured out how to get all the various buttons, cufflinks, and vests on. From left to right, there's Kurt (Erik's brother and best man), Pete (Erik's father), Kevin, Erik (the groom, in case you didn't know), Bob, Don (the bride's father), Scott (the bride's brother), and Chris.
The groom The handsome groom.
Say 'cheese'! The whole family.
Music sooths the soul The music.
The crowd gathers... Places everyone! All the people joining Tracy and Erik on this gorgeous sunny Friday evening...
Apetizers The banquet Afterwards, everyone enjoys a feast of salmon, roast beef, fresh fruit, roasted potatoes, and for dessert...
Mmm... The wedding cake.
Professionals These are the photographers, Scott and Linda. Note that unlike the 'professionals' who were hired to take pictures, these volunteers slaved away without pay to bring you these lovely pictures. So next time you see them, you could let them know how much you appreciate the pictures by making a small donation...

The happy couple Tracy and Erik Teutsch,
We wish you all the best. Here's to many happy years!

      All the best,
      Scott Sherman