Lake District

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map This is a map of the area of the northern Lake District that we visited. The black path is the bus loop we took to Buttermere.
St. John's cemetary sheep narrow lake At the tourist office, we got a little brochure which described how to get to the stone ring. There's absolutely no way we would have found our way along the path otherwise. It wandered through fields and farms, over and through fences. These pictures were taken along the way.
stone ring stone ring The Castlerigg stone ring was probably put together about 3 or 4 thousand years ago. They don't know what it was used for, though they guess it may have been a market or trading post.
stone ring stone ring More pictures of the stone ring.
Cat Bells Cat Bells After Castlerigg and some lunch, we decided to climb Cat Bells. We took the boat across Derwent Water to the trailhead. The first picture is a view of Cat Bells from the boat. The second picture is a view of the steep and rocky trail.
Cat Bells Cat Bells Cat Bells The view from Cat Bells of the contryside was very impressive.
near Buttermere Sour Milk Falls The next day, Wednesday, we explored a bit of the surrounding country. We hopped on a double decker bus and went to Buttermere. On the trip, we learned that if you don't hold up your hand, buses may not stop for you. When the next bus may not be for 5 hours, and you're in the middle of nowhere, this is a very important lesson.
Crummock Water Scale Falls We took a public foot path from Buttermere to Scale Falls, the highest falls in the Lake District. The Brits kept telling us the falls weren't very impressive - "They're no Niagra Falls". But the falls were actually quite cool. It was in a lush crack in the hill, and looked very different from the surrounding land, probably because the sheep couldn't get in there to graze.