The Cotswolds

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our car On Saturday we decided to rent a car and tour the Cotswolds, just south of Stratford. It was quite an experience driving on the wrong side of the road, but, with the faithful co-piloting of Linda, I managed not to run over anyone or sideswipe anything.
our route This is a map of the area of the Cotswolds we explored. The black lines are the route we took. The towns listed are necessarily the biggest, just some of the places we spent time.
St. James Church St. James Church This is St. James' Church in Chipping Campden. All the little towns had beautiful old churchs. And all the towns had funny names.
Lower Swell Lower Swell Lower Swell (that's actually the name of the town, and yes, there's an Upper Swell, too).
Upper Slaughter Upper Slaughter The walk between Lower Slaughter and Upper Slaughter was absolutely gorgeous. It went along a stream through the middle of fields of sheep. It was a warm day so it felt good to take off our shoes and soak our feet in the stream for awhile.
Lower Slaughter Lower Slaughter was designed to be on postcards. However, the PR firm that named them should be fired. The name actually derives from a family name.
Burford We stopped in Burford and walked to this place where we sat for awhile and wrote.
Burford Burford We ate dinner at a pub in Burford.
sunset This was sunset on our drive back to Stratford.