Trips 2007

Skiing at Mission Ridge, January 2007.
Snowshoeing Mt. St. Helens with Rob and Michael.
Climbing Mt. Si with Rob and Michael.
Climbing Mt. St. Helens with Rob, Andy and Michael. We just happen to pick the hottest day of the year, with temperatures hitting 100 at the base of the mountain.
Hiking to Park Butte with Mike. A few years back we hiked to the same spot but from the opposite direction and in deep snow.
Kayaking with Heidi, John and Susie through the arboretum on a gorgeous September afternoon.
Backpacking to Snowy Creek with Ron in late September. A bit too late, in fact since it snowed on us.
Leavenworth with the family.
Susie and I took a trip to Victoria in December. It was sunny, it rained, it snowed. And we paid a ridiculous amount of money to have tea at the Empress.

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